Questions need not always be answered ?

Roads have become cleaner than in the past. Social distancing has given a push to better discipline. Air quality has improved a lot. Noise is less. Twenty four hours seem more than what I used to feel. Many were craving for these, in the past. But for a pandemic, we could have taken any other reason worthy enough to create such an impact. Changes get triggered and we are just witnesses.

No work for many. Many continue to work from home. Lot of questions remain on the kind of changes that we may see in the near future. The following are some of the questions I have in mind, I am not seeking answers to them immediately though. We do not have to seek answers for every question but we will be answered once the changes mature in to reality

How fearful it would be to meet a prospect for business in the next few days after lock down ? Like how email swept away snail mail, would technology take over personal meetings too ?

Would office spaces, especially IT and Service oriented businesses, shrink in size ? How would real estate investing be in such a scenario ?

How would the society view someone who would mostly stay at home but continue to earn ? How would family relationships evolve in such a scenario ?

Would this crisis be ignored in the long run, basis the statement “public memory is short lived” ?

Would spend thrift people go back to fundamentals ? Would there be a revival of savings culture ? How would the foot falls, in malls and other entertainment zones, get affected ?

A vacation abroad was a much sought after goal in the recent past. Would that dwindle or offers would galore to push this further ?

Would we see revival of cooking and eating at home culture ?

How dependent were we as a society ? Would we become more inter-dependent ?

How disrespectful we were to some individuals based on their job ?

How did we succumb to social media addiction ? Would that grow or jettison from our lives ?

The list seems endless at this point. But, tough times have inspired humans in the past. Are we ready to embrace the next wave of change or is this just going to be a fading memory, a dumb story to share with the next generation ?

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