The decade that was… Large caps – A perspective – Part 1

“What goes up must come down” – Sir Isaac Newton The above chart just reminds us of Newton’s quote. This chart adds “vice versa” to Newton’s quote ! A decade is for sure long enough to analyse performance of a mutual fund scheme. The challenge with every analysis is to avoid confirmation bias, as weContinue reading “The decade that was… Large caps – A perspective – Part 1”

Large Cap Equity Schemes – Tracking the Analysis The above analysis was done in April 17, 2020. How the schemes have performed since then ? Here are a couple of snapshots. The idea is to check how the analysis played out. IDFC Large Cap & PGIM India Large Cap have done well during this period. Whereas BSE 100 has lost close toContinue reading “Large Cap Equity Schemes – Tracking the Analysis”

Large cap equity schemes an analysis :

Scheme characteristics : As per the categorisation and rationalisation of mutual fund schemes prescribed by SEBI, large cap scheme is one where “minimum investment in equity & equity related instruments of large cap companies should be 80% of total assets”. Large cap universe is also defined clearly, which is 1st to 100th company in termsContinue reading “Large cap equity schemes an analysis :”