Unusual are the times! 2021 to 2022… Let’s be prepared

The beauty of a wonderful piece of writing or any creative work for that matter is that, it amazes you to an extent that freezes your thoughts for some time. “Missing” – a year end note from one of the most competent money managers in the Industry did exactly that, when I started penning one 10 days back. It engulfed myContinue reading “Unusual are the times! 2021 to 2022… Let’s be prepared”

“Predictions” – Should we learn to predict ?

As human beings we have the unending urge to know the future. Many practitioners of predictions thrive because of our urge to know “what next”. Stock markets are no different when you talk of predictions. Many of my friends believe the predictions given by the specialists and take an effort to convince me to buyContinue reading ““Predictions” – Should we learn to predict ?”